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Eric’s fish and chips in Thornham

Now fish and chips are at the heart of British culture and cuisine, yet being a coeliac often deprives us Brits, along with most other nations the chance to enjoy the traditional British dish. Yes I know that fish and chips originated from France… or so they say, but the tradition is often a thing of the past – and by past I mean prediagnosis – for most coeliacs. But there is a little light glowing in the darkness from Eric’s Fish and Chips in Thornham, Norfolk. With crispy fish and the delight of having fish and chips after a long day on the beach (Holkham preferably) Eric’s is the place to be.

Now with my newly diagnosed range of additional allergies on top of the gluten free diet I have to contact pretty much every eatery I visit – just to make sure that I can find a decent meal – which I would highly recommend if you’ve been diagnosed with new allergies. Eric’s is a prime example of an eatery which responds well to those with allergens and I along with the rest of the allergens community are highly grateful for them providing a gluten free and dairy free fish and chips. Well with that lets move on. Eric’s is a small yet amazing fish and chips shop located in Thornham a small village next to the sea.

Eric’s Fish and Chips in Thornham

The front of the chippy has a few benches to enjoy the fish and chips along with some deck chairs to soak in the summer sun. Tucked in away from the road Eric’s provides a warm comfort of tranquility – unless you’re sitting next to the children’s play area – to be mesmerised by the stunning beauty of Norfolk… okay okay I may be slightly biased with most of my family living down in Norfolk but everyone agrees it’s absolutely stunning and has its own partivular vibe. Oh and I tested out the deck chairs for you, 10/10 reccommend.

Take away menu

As you can see Eric’s is able to provide gluten free fish and chips but if you ask ahead then they are able to look into what else they are able to provide. Eric’s offer both in house and take away options meaning you can enjoy their gorgeous fish and chips both at home or for a date night – or casual lunch, whatever suits your fancy. Yet not only do they offer gluten free fish and chips they also offer a gluten free IPA, the passionfruit flavoured IPA has to be the best I’ve ever tasted!

The Kitchens

I have to say that although gluten free fish and chips are rare to find I have tasted a good range but Eric’s have to be at the top. What makes them different I hear you ask? The Crunch. The fish was so elegantly fried allowing the crisp yet not jaw breaking to take centre stage in all things gluten free fish and chips. However, I went for the medium portion and I was stuffed, so I would recommend getting a medium fish and a smaller portion of chips – just because you really want to enjoy the fish without filling up on the chips. Now a Cod Loin fish and Chips is £9.50 which is rather a high price for what you tend to usually spend, yet you have to weigh up the delight of the beef dripping with the cost. If you are able to afford to spend £9.50 on fish and chips then it’s definitely a choice worth making.There’s not much I can really say other than get down to Thornham and try out Eric’s Gluten Free Fish and Chips!