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Friedman’s flavourful blueberry pancakes


Recently on my trip to New York I discovered the wonder behind Friedman’s Blueberry Pancakes. Friedman’s for those of you who don’t already know (and I recommend that you get to know them) are a family owned business with five different branches around NYC. Friedman’s specialise in gluten free dining making them a perfect gluten free find for anyone in New York which can be challenging for those who have coeliac disease.

Friedman’s was personally a life saver for my family and I when we, as English tourists in New York, forgot to research the best gluten free places when travelling. Normally I make a point to research good gluten free places to eat on holiday but with the holiday timings I had no time. I usually find it easiest to find good places to eat on Instagram. The best way to do so is type gluten free then the destination. Whilst travelling around NY I came across the Friedman’s in Herald Square; honestly it was quite a surprise to find a restaurant that specialised in gluten free meals. I had previously spent the first 3 days of my trip in New York picking up any gluten free snacks that I could find and bingeing on Chai Tea from the Starbucks across the road. But once I found Friedman’s I was hooked. Honestly I cannot stress to you all how amazing Friedman’s is! The pancakes are perfectly cooked, light and fluffy, which are qualities that are so hard to find normally in gluten free pancakes. I chose the Blueberry Pancakes which were plain pancakes with the Blueberries in their own sauce on top.

I would definitely book another trip to New York just for the pancakes… and of course the sight seeing and shopping. I had the most amazing time in New York and would take the opportunity to go whenever I can. So for those in NY head down to Friedman’s now and for everyone else get booking!