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La Rosa, the Vermutería

La Rosa’s Vermutería is one of my favourite spots to visit when in Palma de Mallorca. The restaurant is tucked away from the busy high street making this the perfect place to discover Mallorca’s delicacies as a local, but just don’t turn up for dinner before 8pm otherwise you’ll be dining solo. La Rosa offers a range of gluten free options including Squid Rings in a batter suitable for coeliacs.

One of the largest disappointments to me once diagnosed as a Coeliac was the inability to have battered Calamari. With my diagnosis in 2008 it was evident that battered anything wasn’t going to be a reality for a while however, since then gluten free battered foods have come on in leaps and bounds. La Rosa allows for Coeliacs to enjoy pre-diagnosis treats through their own calamari rings.

Gluten free Battered Calamari Rings

Yet, it’s not just the gluten free squid rings that Coeliacs rave about when visiting La Rosa. The Traditional range of Tapas dishes available are mostly gluten free allowing tourists and locals to benefit from the experience of Mallorca’s cuisine in a suitable for Coeliac environment. One of the best things about Tapas however has to be the large amounts of dishes which are naturally gluten free; Padron Peppers, Chorizo and Cheeses to name a few (always double check that these are gluten free though!)

The Bar area at La Rosa
The Bar area at La Rosa

If you don’t feel like dining at La Rosa, the bar is great for a few drinks and nibbles before heading off into the night. In fact, the majority of locals don’t choose to have a sit down dinner yet rather grab a stool to eat at the bar or the more casual area. I would definitely recommend perching at the bar for dinner if like me you like to really live like a local on your travels. But remember to eat late to enjoy La Rosa in its glory and try their Vermouths.