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Marks & Spencers New Pastries

M&S have released 3 new ‘Made without wheat’ pastries! I know please try to contain your excitement, just for a couple minutes to hear about how amazing these products are.

M&S have always showed us coeliacs love through their ‘Made without wheat’ and many other products they choose to produce gluten free. But they have gone above and beyond with the 3 new pastry products they have just released. With a gap in the gluten free pastry market especially in England M&S have made our dreams come true with their release of croissants, chocolate twists & apricot pastries.

Ahhh Croissants!

Unfortunately my local M&S food had run out of the apricot pastries but I was able to find the croissants and the chocolate twists. The twist are light, indulgent and perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast – who knows maybe everyday? I would definitely recommend that you leave it in the oven  for long than the 5 minutes that are instructed on the packet otherwise you’re just going to be eating hard pastry. But if you’re in a rush a quick 20 second zap in the microwave won’t hurt but you won’t be getting the full intensity of the flavour that you would’ve had in the oven. The same goes for the croissants the longer in the oven and the warmer they get then the better they taste! I will keep an eye out for the apricot pastries but for now the Chocolate Twists have to be my favourite.