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Spoon’s Granola

Spoon’s ‘The low sugar one’ granola is my go to breakfast cereal especially when paired with vanilla yoghurt and some berries. Although Spoon don’t specifically advertise their products as gluten free there aren’t any obviously gluten containing ingredients. Again this just depends on personal preference behind what you consider gluten free.

Spoon livens up the morning and powers you through the day

Spoon Cereals

As most Coeliacs know there’s always been some confusion behind Oats and just how gluten free they are. Personally I eat all types of Oats however this decision is entirely up to the person themselves, so please take this into consideration when reading the next post.

Spoon Cereals offers a 6 product range of their granolas including a ‘dark choc zing’ and ‘cherry bomb’. All of the range are high in fibre and offer special benefits with some granolas entirely plant based and others with no refined sugars. One of my favourite product from the range is ‘The low sugar one.’ I don’t know about your experiences with gluten free granola but I usually find that they contain a high amount of sugar. Spoon’s ‘The low sugar one’ does exactly what it says on the box with only 7% sugar, a rare sight. But this doesn’t result in a lack of quality from the four ingredient granola. It’s crunchy and crisp and extremely fresh, making it the best gluten free granola I’ve ever had. Not to mention the value for money with 400g boxes selling from £3.89 on their website. So overall, I couldn’t recommend Spoon’s granola any more.