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the butch baker

with lockdown restrictions easing & Boris letting us travel, I decided a small staycation in Brighton was desperately needed. so with an overnight bag, and my best friend Liz (a fellow coeliac) we headed down to the south coast in search of the beach & gluten free goodies.

whilst wondering around the lanes we stumbled across the Butch Baker, a completely gluten free cafe. the cafe shares the multifunctional space where you are able to go to the hairdressers & purchase a plant, although an odd combination the space works exceptionally well.

the founder of the Butch Baker, sammi, along with theo are extremely accommodating and provide a great service all round. sammi even bakes all the produce on site making all the gluten free goodies super fresh! personally i’d recommend any of the toasties available on offer at the butch baker, the freshly baked bread is to die for (i think it’s better than anything you can pick up in the supermarkets) but you can’t leave without trying some of the delicious brownies & cookies.

sammi also bakes gluten free cakes for all manner of occasions with flavours ranging from lemon & raspberry, carrot, chocolate fudge & salted caramel. check out the butch baker’s etsy to grab your gluten free treats from home!

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