Restaurant Reviews

Australasia in the heart of Manchester

To celebrate my nan’s 70th birthday we decided to take her into the heart of Manchester for a celebratory meal and of course we chose the best for the best – Australasia was the only place to go. Australasia is, as they refer to themselves on their website, ‘A stylish but laid back slice of modern Australian life, down-under in Manchester’. With a key focus on seafood the ‘slice of modern Australia’ cannot go a miss.

Now if you’re not keen on seafood – which I personally think is a poor life decision – you have to go for the amazing interior and entrance to the restaurant. Not only does the entrance make you feel exclusive by the secretive feel but you can also take amazing photos to wow your friends on Instagram. Don’t believe me? Check out their Instagram @australasia_mcr

The interior at Australasia

As you can see the team at Australasia have gone for a boho chic beach vibe throughout the restaurant which really adds to the  slice of modern Australian life in the heart of Manchester. Small details with chopsticks accompanying the sushi and other fish based dishes really immerse you in the seafood theme delivered by the restaurant. Now many restaurants underestimate the need for presentation and how crucial presentation can be for the customers experience but Australasia hit the nail on the head… just look at the rare scallops presented on the traditional sushi board with a delicate flower.

Belly pork drizzled in pineapple sauce served with rice parcels and crispy chilli broccoli

The food, oh my lord, is absolutely impeccable. For starters I chose the rare scallops served with fresh wasabi and a wedge of lime – the obvious choice if you ask me, but you know I’m a seafood freak. The wasabi had a perfect kick without taking your head off which elegantly complimented the freshness of the scallops. For mains I decided to switch it up and go for the belly pork – I mean who doesn’t love belly pork? The combination of the sweet pineapple and the saltiness of the belly pork created an eruption of flavour inside my mouth. The rice parcels open up to release soft fluffy rice, a perfect accompliment to the succulent belly pork.

Pornstar Martini anyone?

Now of course I can’t forget the amazing pornstar served at Australasia. What more can I say then it’s a must have when you visit. But Australasia doesn’t fail to surprise there, with a chill drinks bar on the upper level perfect for after drinks or a relaxing night out. The tunes are super relaxing  and chill – with a smooth jazz vibe. It’s the perfect chill out restaurant to visit in Manchester.