Restaurant Reviews

Birmingham’s The Canal House

Recently I’ve been pretty swept up in my revision for mocks and my A levels, with that said a bit of a break was well needed. Birmingham is, as I’m sure as many of you know, full of backstreets tangled with small luxury bistros, especially along the canals. The Canal House is tucked away on Bridge Street with an elegant old country style veranda walkway. Inside is flooded with quirky and unusual antiques giving a chilled and rustic vibe to the restaurant. The Canal House prides itself on the allowing 18th century legacy of James Brindley into the 21st century. With Brindley as the most notable canal engineers of the 18th century the antique decor fits perfectly.

The Canal House has a gorgeously furnished interior yet when the sun does come out, and believe me it does occasionally happen, theres a large balcony on the first floor perfect for a summer morning brunch.Yet the balcony isn’t the only place to enjoy the rare British Summertime, with a large waterfront deck ideal for grabbing a pint with friends you’ll never want to leave. 


Anyway, enough with all that lets get into the good stuff, the reason why were all here. Food. Gluten Free food. Right from the get go the staff at Canal House were extremely helpful and fully prepared for anyone with a dietary requirement. They have a specific allergy menu which allows all allergy sufferers to quickly establish which foods are good to eat. Although not as suave and sophisticated as the non-dietary requirement menu the layout and ease is warmly welcomed.

Allergen information checklist

Although the food options are not designed to be gluten free The Canal House is eager to provide meals that can be adapted to meet their customers requirements. With that said for starters I had the ‘Baked camembert with honey, fresh rosemary and Braeburn apple wedges’. The Camembert was original served with skewered croutons but the chefs were happy to oblige by adding extra apple wedges to compensate for the loss of the croutons. On that note has anyone found any good croutons? I haven’t had any since I was diagnosed in 2008. Its not often that a restaurant compensates one dish with another if I am not able to have it. The Camembert was deliciously smooth and gooey and the Braeburn apple wedges complimented the cheese perfectly.

Gooey Camembert with Apple sticks

But the main event had to be the Salt and Pepper Belly Pork Kebab. With a few chicken options off the menu the Belly Pork really stood out for me. The famous Canal House kebab is contrasted with sweet chilli and ginger sauce giving the heaviness of the pork a gentle lift. The Belly Pork was tender yet had sizzled enough to allow the meat to become crisp on the outside. The fully seasoned chips complimented the dish perfectly. The meal was a perfect treat for a great day out. 

The succulent Belly Pork Kebab

But it wasn’t just the food that made the whole experience but also the amazing cocktails available at The Canal House. There are a range of different cocktails, spirits, mocktails – for those  driving or any little ones – but I would definitely recommend the Masters Apprentice. 

The Masters Aprenctice

I would always recommend visiting the Canal House as the food is just incredible and so is the atmosphere. I will deffo being going there for my 18th! Check it out 🙂