The BBC’s Good Food Festival

With summer around the corner my parents decided the only logical thing to do was attend the BBC Gardeners World Live show hosted at the NEC. Although all the flowers and trees were great to look at, it certainly wasn’t my cup of tea – quite far off actually! Yet little did I know the BBC Good Food Festival was just around the corner to change what may have been a slightly dull day of plants into a joyous gluten free adventure.

First of all I have to talk about all the great gluten free stands that I found roaming the halls of the NEC. There were hundreds of gluten free stands, okay okay not hundreds but tens of stands which were either providing a gluten free product or a gluten free meal to have at the event. But of course my personal favourite brand Heck came out on top with providing not only a range of gluten free products to purchase including the usual gluten free sausages but their new range of burgers. Whilst we’re on the topic of Heck I may as well just tell you how magnificent they are at creating gluten free produce. As I’ve said Heck are my favourite brand of BBQ meats – one may say – and they’ve been a favourite of mine for a while now simply down to their high quality produce and their range of products.

Heck’s popular new burgers

Next up was Nãkd another one of my favourite brands providing all natural gluten free and dairy free snack bars. As Nãkd were at the show they were selling around 21 bars along with their Nãkd Nibbles – smaller circular ‘nibbles’ of the Nãkd bars – for £10 which was a great offer since 18 packs of their nibbles are £15! Just another reason to attend the allergy shows – I think. Now I usually have my Nãkd bar on the go especially to refuel after a workout or activity but recently Ive been having a bar for breakfast with some yoghurt just to add a bit texture. Another way of having a bar is for the 5:2 diet and having 3 bars throughout the day – one of which my dad tried.


Nãkd stall at Good Food Festival

Then I found Flavour Safari who make the best, I repeat the best sauces around which you can use in pretty much anything whether that be in a pasta, as a dip for your nachos or as a base of your pizza. Flavour safari are a relatively new Irish company who are trying to ‘introduce Ireland to the richness of African culture’. Although new Flavour Safari have already met Prince Charles giving their sauces the royal stamp of approval. I’m looking to make a new recipe based on the Flavour Safari Spicy Olive and tomato sauce so leave a comment if you want me to create a blog or a video on the recipe!

Flavour safari’s African Sauces

Now I don’t know if it’s an only an English custom but having a Black Country background my family and I like to have the occasional pork scratching – but being gluten free usually means that pork scratchings are out of the question. Yet The Real Pork Scratching Co have created a collection of gluten free pork scratchings along with the rest of the range which does tend to contain gluten sadly. Now as I was at a show I managed to grab the special discount on the products – again another reason to attend free from events. If you’ve never had pork scratchings I would definitely recommend that you try them at least once in your life and The Real Pork Scratching Co allow coeliacs like myself to have that opportunity.

The Real Pork Scratching Co serving up some crunchy crackling

I’ve only done a whistle stop tour of the great gluten free finds that I came across at the BBC Good Food Show so if you want to know any more information about the brands or products I’ve talked about head over to my Instagram page.