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The Loeb Boathouse of NYC

The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park is one of the fine dining must sees in NY. The Loeb is well known for featuring in 27 Dresses, When Harry met Sally and Little Manhattan – all a few favourites of mine! – whilst presenting a range of fine dining courses.


The restaurant overlooks the gorgeous Central Park Lake which many people choose to row on and overlook the famous boat house … but the best thing has to be looking out at the lake and pretending you’re in the movies – actually scrap that, the best thing is to sit overlooking the water with a glass of wine. Of course I wasn’t able to drink when I was there due to the 21 age restriction for alcohol but I can definitely imagine!

The view from The Boathouse

Yet ignoring the setting – yes I get it ‘move on to the food Ellie!’ I hear you cry – the piste de resistance had to be the tantalising  crispy salmon main. The bold contrast of the pomegranate seeds with the sharp pepper corns delicately marinating the crispy salmon made my entire trip. The roasted spaghetti squash tied all the ingredients together nicely with a gluten free alternative to the usual, wheat filled spaghetti. The staff were more than happy to help find gluten free dishes or alternatives to the usual dishes on offer which can be hard to find in such a busy restaurant. Since the Boathouse is such a large attraction in Central Park it is wise to book a table prior to your visit otherwise you can expect an hours wait (which is pretty good for a restaurant with a such a valued reputation) … but believe me the wait is completely worth it.

Crispy Salmon with Squash Spaghetti

Sadly, I went into a food coma after eating the extravagant meal and forgot to get you all some more photos. I know, I’m a horrible blogger but I was super excited to go and explore the rest of NY… especially Tiffany & Co!

Overall, the Loeb Boathouse should definitely be on your NY checklist if you’re a visitor to the Big Apple or a special destination for those who live in the vibrant city of New York.